Neoliberalism: Past and Present

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5d5 Melissa Feinberg edit
Melissa Feinberg, Department of History

5d5 Jennifer Mittelstadt edit
Jennifer Mittelstadt, Department of History


 The two-year project Neoliberalism: Past and Present investigates the deep historical roots and long-term evolution of the economic, political, and social changes that have been linked by the label "neoliberalism." We want to ask: what exactly—if anything— is new about neoliberalism? We are interested in scholarship that examines not only the actions of states and elites but also the mid-level actors and everyday people who constituted, resisted, and reconfigured neoliberalisms. We aim to include scholars who work not only on the United States and Western Europe, but also the former Eastern Bloc, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where the unique dynamics of these processes demand their own histories. In 2016–2017, we organized two symposia: Political Economies of Global Neoliberalism and The Economization of Everyday Life. We are planning two new symposia for 2017–2018: Privatizing the Public Good: Neoliberalism and the Transformation of the State and Discipline, Social Control, and Neoliberal Subjectivities.