June 10, 2020

The Executive Committee, Staff, and Director of the CCA stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and others who are currently protesting ongoing and historical violence against African Americans and other people of color.  We condemn the murder of George Floyd, the militarization of the police force, racist police practices, and all expressions of white supremacy.  And we decry the disproportionate effect of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on communities of color, which is part of that same story.  Like many institutions in this country, the CCA has benefitted from inequitable histories tied to racism, which we are mindful of as perhaps never before. 

We are also inspired, however, by the passion for justice animating the protests; we join with protesters and other people of goodwill in working for a better world.  As a Center dedicated to the idea of humanistic scholarship, the CCA commits to helping build a more just and equitable University, both through our individual actions and by means of programming, scholarship, and resource allocation. 

The CCA maintains a continued commitment to diversifying its membership (including its Executive Committee) and diversifying its allocation of discretionary spending.

Revised and Reaffirmed, May 3, 2022