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2001-2002 Seminar: The Performance of Culture

Carolyn Williams (English)

Faculty Fellows
Matthew Buckley (English)
Brent Edwards (English)
Elin Diamond (English)
Don Korobkin (Law, Camden)
Lawrence LaFountain-Stokes (Puerto Rican and Hispanic Carribian Studies)
Caroline Levine (English, Camden)
Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau (English)
Ban Wang (Asian Literatures and Culture)
Yael Zerubavel (Jewish Studies and History)

Faculty Associates
Katherine Carlstrom (English), Jeffrey Shandler (Jewish Studies)

Graduate Fellows
Jamie Mullaney (Sociology)
Denise Quirk (History)
Ray Ricketts (English)
Brian Walsh (English)
Sara Warner (Comparative Literature)

Postdoctoral Associates
Jonathan Goldberg (English, Johns Hopkins U.)
Bonnie Marranca (Theatre and American Studies, Princeton)


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