The Mind & Culture working group will exchange research between the cognitive sciences and the humanities on questions of consciousness, subjectivity, and the mind. The topic is richly interdisciplinary, and we will explore approaches based in philosophy, psychology, linguistics and anthropology, as well as in the literary humanities and history.

Under this broad rubric, we hope to establish and explore a set of shared concerns that cut across the defining issues of the disciplines. Among them might be: the role of the emotions in cognition and ethics; the cultural implications of the dynamics between different corporeal areas (brain, viscera, etc.); the problem of consciousness in literary and philosophical discourse; cross-cultural comparison of cognitive and emotional categories; histories of mind and of cognition; the mind/body problem; and artificial intelligence.

Directors: Colin Jager (English) and Louis Sass (Clinical Psychology, GSAPP/Comparative Literature)
Faculty Fellows: Ellen Idler (Sociology), Ann Jurecic (English), Ken Safir (Linguistics), James Walkup (Psychology), Jonathan Kramnick (English)
Predoctoral Fellows: Karen Danna-Lynch (Sociology), Gabriel Greenberg (Philosophy), Kelby Mason (Philosophy), Carlos Montemayor (Philosophy), Cale Scheinbaum (English)
Postdoctoral Fellows: Peter Asaro (Computer Science, U. of Illinois), Neil Van Leeuwen (Philosophy, Stanford)