The “New Media Literacies” working group will address a variety of questions surrounding the adoption of new communication technologies, past and present:

What social and cultural changes make media shift possible?

How have new media transformed politics, social interaction, law and citizenship, the economy, the alliance of art and technology, education, even literacy itself?

What are the implications of new media for pedagogy and for scholarship?

Director: Meredith McGill (English)

Faculty Fellows: Ulla Berg (Anthropology/Latino and Hispanic Studies), Mathilde Bombart (French), David Kurnick (English), Allan Isaac (American Studies/English), Tanya Sheehan (Art History)

Predoctoral Fellows: Eric Barry (History), Thomas DeGloma (Sociology), Michael Gavin (English), Laura Lovin (Women’s and Gender Studies), Mark Vareschi (English)

Postdoctoral Fellows: Paul Arthur (Australian National U.), David Parisi (NYU), Jelena Karanovic (NYU)