• Seminar with John B. Thompson | Hosted by Andrew Goldstone (Rutgers English)
  • Event Date: Apr 19, 2024
  • 12:00 PM
  • Contact Email: jl1977@english.rutgers.edu
  • Location: Murray Hall 302

  • What are the social forces shaping book publishing today? What new players and new relations has the digitization of production, distribution, and consumption introduced? And how has the book, print and digital, persisted and adapted in the face of the rise of Amazon, Google, and their ilk?  Professor John Thompson (Cambridge), the foremost sociologist of contemporary publishing, will discuss his recent book, Book Wars: The Digital Revolution in Publishing (Polity, 2021). 

    Following the colloquium on independent publishing, please join us on Friday, April 19, for a seminar with John B. Thompson (Professor of Sociology, Cambridge) on the digital revolution in publishing. Open to faculty and students. Lunch will be served. Excerpts from Prof. Thompson's recent monograph are available as advanced readings at https://go.rutgers.edu/thompson-cca2024.  

    John B. Thompson is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. His publications include Critical Hermeneutics (1981), Studies in the Theory of Ideology (1982), Ideology and Modern Culture (1990), The Media and Modernity (1995), Political Scandal (2000), Books in the Digital Age (2005) and Merchants of Culture (2010). 

    Sponsored by the Center for Cultural Analysis, the Rutgers Initiative for the Book, and the Department of Sociology.