Digital Humanities

Founded by Ann Fabian and Meredith McGill in 2012, the Digital Humanities Initiative supports digital humanities projects in research, teaching, and public outreach at Rutgers. Programming includes a regular schedule of events, including workshops, lectures, and conferences. The DHI is directed by an interdisciplinary group of scholars drawn from across the School of Arts and Sciences and the Libraries. The DHI steering committee is committed to working closely with the Libraries' DH Working Group. Projects currently underway include a collaborative Digital Humanities Lab in Alexander Library, and a WordPress and Omeka hosting service in support of digital humanities research and pedagogy. Interested parties are invited to contact Francesca Giannetti for further information.


Past highlights:

• Ted Underwood, Two Ways to Use Numbers in the Humanities
Guest lecture. Information: dh.rutgers.edu/underwood2014.

• Lisa Gitelman, The Envelope, Please: Seeds, Catalogs, and Knowledge
Keynote lecture for the Americanist Seminar workshop on circulation. Co-sponsored by the DHI and the Center for Cultural Analysis. See the workshop program page for information.

• Ed Whitley, Moriarty's Code: A Cautionary Tale on Innovation in the Digital Humanities
Guest lecture. Co-sponsored by the Americanist Seminar.

Faculty and students are welcome to propose topics of interest for future lectures and workshops.


Paul Israel
Director and General Editor, The Thomas A. Edison Papers
Research Professor, Department of History, Rutgers University
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