5d1 Olaf Jensen edit
Olaf Jensen, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences

5d1 Genese Sodikoff
Genese Sodikoff, Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Newark)

5d1 Ameer Sohrawardy
Ameer Sohrawardy, Department of English (Newark)

Our working group will explore how humans share space with one another, other species, and the environment. The aesthetic dimensions of habitation and spatial perception will be addressed from a plurality of disciplines, from the design and urban architecture to the regulation of fishing industries to the dynamics of biodiversity offsetting. Our guiding questions will be: How do humans share spaces across geographical, cultural, and natural boundaries? Within shared spaces, how we do accommodate other species and find ourselves being accommodated? And does the idea of an anthropocene challenge us to adapt or re-think existing models of spatial perception?